Rowan the Horse

a Horse Adventure Book Series


About the “Rowan the Horse Books”

The Rowan Books were created to encourage

a Love of Horses and to provide children with a funny, upbeat and optimistic Bedtime Story

~Much Needed in these Uncertain Times.

~Zoe Schell

Why the Rowan the Horse Adventure Book Series is Unusual

Rowan the horse is about having fun, making the best out of unusual or odd situations and being able to express oneself.

Each book is designed to appeal to both boys and girls.

These books are very unusual because they are NOT about owning or controlling a horse, but simply enjoying the adventures of a horse who naturally is just being a horse.

Children will be able to relate to Rowans adventures because they are always dealing with unknown outcomes and what could be better than using “Horse Humor!” to segue into strange new experiences?

Rowan is truly a VERY funny horse.

The gentle humor, familiar pattern and rhythm in each book, ending sweetly with the image of Rowan falling asleep, helps create a sense of comfort and structure amidst chaos.

About Rowan and Archer

Rowan really IS a horse who likes to jump fences.

he lives on a farm with a craggy scraggly apple tree. Rowan is 15 yrs old and 15.3 hands high. He is a Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) Gelding with a checkered past.

He has a Horse Friend named Archer who really does pee a lot and a Cat Friend named Basil.

-They have a great time together because they All Get Along.

The focus of Rowans adventures as continual movement is an intentional focus on the positive image of good health, It is important to offer children a healthy and positive character.

“A Happy Horse is a Healthy Horse”, and a Healthy Horse is a Horse that keeps Moving and Exploring”.

Zoe Schell,

Zoe is an professional artist / illustrator and designer.

She came up with the concept of the Rowan the Horse Book Adventure Books after buying Rowan for One Dollar from an animal control officer named Kylie, who made some contributions to the first Rowan Book and is given credit as co-author.

Zoe grew up with horses and is now a CHA riding instructor who has taught severely abused, autistic and disabled children.

She is inspired by Rowan and Archer daily.


Rowan the Horse -

- a Polite yet Zany Horse Adventure

Now Available in French

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