Rowan the Horse

a Horse Adventure Book Series


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Rowan the Horse Series Books are upbeat bedtime stories for ages 4-10. They are simply the best children’s horse stories available for this age group.

Rowan is a spirited black horse who enjoys bold adventures.

Rowan Books will be available in English and French, great for children or adults learning a new language.

When you order a book, a percentage is donated to help prevent cruelty towards animals.

Rowan likes that.

Contact Rowan here.

Rowan the Vampire Horse

-Completely Silly

Available in French

Rowan the Horse -

- a Polite yet Zany Horse Adventure

Available in French

~Dedicated to All the Horses and Children of the World, with Much Affection~

                                                                                                                                                 ~Rowan the Horse

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